Ph Test Strips

Ph Test Strips

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Easy, reliable, and cost-effective way to accurately monitor pH levels, these pH test strips are going to make your life easier.


Now you can effortlessly measure the pH of the ONE thing that needs your ultimate care: YOUR BODY.

These Strips are INCLUSIVELY helpful to EVERYONE - no matter what your condition is; for both adults and kids.

Whether you're healthy & need to maintain your body that way.

The dual pad ensures super accuracy with results in 15 seconds & is made out of high-quality imported filter paper.You’ll have rapid results and be able to keep track of any liquid’s pH balance easily!


Using a cotton bud, gently collect a small amount of fluid from the vagina and apply it onto the strip.

After 30 seconds, compare the color of the strip with the color test chart.

Interpretations are also provided on the test chart.

If shows any inflammation or infection or any disorder, please consult with your gynecologist.


  1. Diabetic patient, doing hormone therapy, a woman in period and pregnant woman should not do this test.
  1. Before using the tester, in the last 24 hours, please avoid having sex, using vaginal douche, using bath tube, and any drugs.
  1. Keep this tester well. Keep away from sunlight, store in a dry place.